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“We are inscape Limited.”

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Hire plants from Inscape Ltd

to design your interior making it serene and eco-friendly.

We are Inscape Ltd


Hire Plants

Hire plants from us to design your interior making it serene and eco-friendly.

Our products have combined the flair of leading European designers to come up with designer pots that are not only stunning and creative but are also leading the global fashion and environmental trends. While our product is trendy it is also affordable, making this modern-day luxury an option for everyone.


Designer Pots

Be amazed by the strong, architectural forms of our products, combined with ergonomic comfort.

These designer pots can be used to enhance and adorn any indoor or outdoor design. Make your place have a point of difference by using our flamboyant, bright and colorful pots.



At our company we believe it is vital to consider not only the beauty of an object but also its ecological impact. That is why our products are made from recycled material. Feel comforted in the fact that your beautiful space has not come at a cost to the environment.

Lead the trends with strong statement pieces that show your sense of fashion and all things wonderful. Enjoy the exquisite atmosphere that our designer pots can make to your place.


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The plants you hire can make any business more vibrant and so the employees feel more nurtured.

In the Pots section you will find all plants hire options and different designs.

Browse through our range or contact us today for a personal consultation.

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